Cosmic Eclipse Booster Box

Very happy I pulled a gold card! I thought there was a lot of holos – I got 9. I haven’t opened a booster box in a while though so that might be the normal amount. I also pulled 2 Blastoise & Piplup GX Tag Team full art cards which are really cute! As for regular GXs I got 3, one being a Tag Team.

Overall I was happy with this box.

Raichu & Gyarados Hidden Fates Tins

I ordered the Charizard one as well but I am being given that one for Christmas so I can’t open it yet.

Inside the tin you get 4 Hidden Fates booster packs and a promo card.

I pulled a shiny card and a full art in each tin so I feel pretty lucky! Especially since one was Cynthia full art! Plus the Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno full art that I wanted a lot! I also pulled a Starmie GX and a holo energy which are my favourites.

Overall I was super happy!

2 Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes

I opened these so long ago I had to look at the pictures I took to remember what I pulled!

The boxes are very nice, they are textured with a swirly pattern and the image of the birds is cool too.

Inside you get the usual – 10 booster packs, sleeves and deck dividers with the bird design on, dice, a GX token, a pack of energy cards and an amazing looking legendary birds promo.

In my first box I pulled a Chatizard GX which I was so happy about, a Pinsir GX and a shiny Oranguru. I got 2 holo cards which were both the same.

I thought that box was good but my second was even better! I pulled a gold Tapu Bulu! I couldn’t believe it! Not only that but I also got a full art shiny Guzzlord! And a shiny Rowlet! As with the first box I pulled 2 regular GX’s – Raichu and Wigglytuff and 2 holos, different this time.

Overall I was very excited about these boxes and was not disappointed!

Mew and Mewtwo Hidden Fates Collection Boxes

I’m all about shiny Pokemon so when I heard about this new set I knew I’d love it!

Each box comes with 3 Hidden Fates booster packs, pin and a promo card, Mew or Mewtwo depending on the box. I pulled 2 shiny Pokemon, one from each box. The cards were in the reverse holo slot. I also got an Onix GX.

One thing I noticed was I received a Jynx in all 6 packs. I also got 2 of the same rare twice, so I received 3 different regular rare cards out of the 6 packs. Probably because of the small size of the set.

Unified Minds Booster Box

I haven’t been watching any YouTube videos of people opening packs anymore so I have no idea of the number of pulls for any of these recent releases but for this box I got 5 tag team cards, 1 regular GX and a full art GX which seemed like a lot to me! Perhaps it is because there are so many cards in the set.

I was so happy I pulled a Mewtwo & Mew card! That was one I really wanted. I got 3/4 of the tag teams on the box which is cool.

I also took pictures of the holos I got. Seems strange that I got more GX cards than holos but I’m not complaining!

Flareon GX Tin

I saw this when I was away for a weekend and got it, inside you get 2 Tag Team booster packs, 1 Lost Thunder and 1 Ancient Origins and of course the Flareon GX card.

I bought it mainly because I hadn’t opened any packs in a long time and needed a fix! The Flareon card looks great (my favourite from the original 3 eeveelutions) and I like the tin too – there is a picture of Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon on each side.

Kanto Friends Mini Tins

I bought all 5 of these tins, they were too cute to resist. In each one you get 2 packs of cards (Fates Collide and Burning Shadows), a coin (all 5 of mine were Alolan Ninetails which I already had from a theme deck) and a card which had the picture from the front of the tin which if you put them all together it makes a nice scene. You can do the same with the tins. If you peel off the card on the back of the tin it reveals the scene from the front of the tins.

I pulled a full art Machamp GX and the regular Machamp GX and Diancie EX from Fates Collide.

It did feel like these tins were made to get rid of old product since the coins were old from a theme deck and I got 5 of the same ones and the booster packs were old sets too. Either way I still love the tins and I’ll be buying the Kanto Power Mini Tins when they come out!